Who we are

Sanad is a non-profit organization founded in 2012 with an objective of enhancing the sustainable quality of life within the Arab society.

he organization promotes social entrepreneurship to foster social initiatives and harness human, social, and material resources to bring about positive change.

As the first and only organizational infrastructure association within the Arab society in Israel, we are committed to strengthening the community and promoting the values of leadership, self-responsibility, and communal support.

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Joining Sanad was one of the most fulfilling and rich experience in terms of gaining many skills and tools, which I had not recieved before despite joining several centers to learn group guidance, in addition to the professional and experienced staff that displayed high efficiency in presenting the content and information.

Sukayna Taa'oun

Graduate of the training course for social initiative trainers

Working with Sand is professional and the team is committed. The organization is well connected to civil society organizations in Arab society and cooperated with us to offer additional programs and value to organizations.

Eli Shahravani

Mentor Program Director, Nonprofit Division, Ogen Foundation

Sanad Association has been the supporting framework for the Sindyan Association for many years, providing the necessary tools and skills to improve the quality of volunteer work provided by the association and building an educationally, socially and culturally rich volunteer framework for the young men and women of the four villages of Zimmer.

Maha Mubasher

Coordinator of Sindyan Network

The Shahaf Foundation considers it a great privilege to assist Sand Association, which has taken it upon itself to promote a network of young communities in Arab society. The organization operates in a professional manner while adapting the responses to the target audiences.

Dr. Haya Jamshi

Director of the Shahaf Foundation

Our community, full of energy and potential, has always been hungry for a professional incubator that works to accompany social initiatives, launch them to life and work on their continuity. Sanad, your presence is a transformation.

Luna Eshti

A Sanad Alumna, Executive Director of the Inar Youth Center in East Jerusalem

Our cooperation with Sanad Association started several years ago, and our cooperation has been wonderful during this time. Sanad works to provide services of great importance for the development of the capabilities of our society, whether for individuals, groups or institutions.

Ranin Saleh

Representative of the Mubadarat Foundation

"I would like to express my appreciation and support for the systematic and organizational work that Sanad Association promotes. There is, relative to the large need, a small number of social organizations and initiatives in Arab society, and Sand's work to promote and increase their number also helps local authorities promote strong and socially resilient communities in Arab towns."

Att. Moder Younis

Chairman of the local council of A'ra-A'ra'ra and chairman of the national committee of heads of Arab local authorities

We are proud and happy to have chosen and worked together with Sand Association, which throughout the project has demonstrated professionalism, open-mindedness, creativity and a cohesive vision aimed at a fundamental change in the operating environment. The organization's dedicated and talented staff are great partners in every matter.

Shelly Tana Barkai

CEO of Filtech

Sanad Association is doing an exceptional and important job as the only organizational infrastructure institution in the Arab society, through which it also works to break down structural barriers and find solutions to develop mass action in cooperation between local activists and Arab local authorities.

Att. Amir Bisharat

General Director of the committee of heads of Arab local authorities in Israel

It is truley a pillar to all members of our Arab society. I am greatful for my participation in this organization, to open the narrow road for our youth and future generations

Ali Kabha

Sanad graduate, president of the municipal student council A'ra-A'ra'ra and the Student's representative in area of Haifa

Sanad is a pillar of the society, a pillar of the youth, and a pillar of social justice. In short, this is our beautiful and fruitful experience at Buzor Association for development and culture with Sanad.

Raed Al-Dabaei

Participant in Sanad's forums, director of Buzor Association for development and culture

We were thoroughly impressed by the Sanad Foundation from our very first meeting. The Foundation offers comprehensive solutions to the persistent social issues, which allows us to view such complexities with a fresh perspective. Thus, this partnership helps the organization enhance its charitable investments and effectively achieve its social goals. We are therefore delighted to collaborate with such a reputable institution that upholds professional leadership.

Amit Marom

Amit Marom

The third sector in general requires infrastructure organizations to meet development and sustainability needs. Sanad stands as the pioneering and sole institution in the Arab society that recognizes the imperative of developing the third sector within our community. As an infrastructure institution, Sanad provides associations with invaluable training, support and guidance. Additionally, it equips them with essential tools, professional knowledge, management methodologies, and fosters the establishment of diverse partnerships.

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